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The auto insurance coverage you are paying for, but may not need.


There can be some confusion sometimes between what constitutes “full coverage” auto insurance and liability only.  What full coverage means, is that you have liability AND coverage to repair your vehicle in the event of an at fault claim.

Other coverages are available on an auto policy, but they are optional and don’t automatically come with “full coverage”.   This episode is about one of those optional coverages.  It’s called rental reimbursement coverage and it will pay for some, or all of a rental car if you are in an at fault accident.

This option isn’t for everyone. It sounds like a nice idea, and is, under the right circumstances.  Some people have no need for this coverage and I don’t believe should have it included on their policy.  For example, If you have 3 cars and two drivers, you can save some money on by not including this in your policy.

Listen to the full explanation below or on iTunes. It’s all of 7 minutes.


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