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Understanding Health Insurance

Health insurance has gotten a little confusing and quite frustrating.  This episode is to help break down how to get a plan that is proper for you.  There are a number of ways to buy health insurance.  You can go direct through the carrier, or buy a plan through an exchange.  The exchange in Idaho is

You have to go through the exchange if you are applying with Tax credits.  The less money you make, the less your health insurance costs but you have to go through the proper channels to apply for and receive these credits.

Recently, health insurance has gotten more expensive and benefits are getting harder to access with higher deductibles.  The other thing to pay close attention to, is make sure your primary Doctor is IN YOUR NETWORK.  The insurance companies want to make sure the care you seek is in network and if it is not, the out of network deductibles, and out of network maximum out of pocket expense is ludicrous.  

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