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Why I “Lego” my corporate job and started a business from scratch.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Dean Barry who owns Bricknowlogy here in Eagle Idaho and he gave us a lot of great information in this conversation.   Dean left the corporate world to start his own business.  He did this in his mid 40’s, with a family, while moving to a different state, never having run this type of business before.   What I would like people to take from his experience, is the amount of  planning and preparation he put in before opening his doors.  There was a lot of research, ALOT of saving money and a massive, well thought out business plan to name a few things.

I also asked him, “Why Legos”, and I loved his answer.  “It’s always been Legos”.  This has been a passion of his since he was a little boy and now he is working hard every day doing something that he has loved his entire life.  How great is that?

Thanks again to Dean for sharing his story with me.  Check out all of his links below and stop by and say hi if you are in the area!

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