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How we saved 3 clients a combined $5550.

I had a great day this week with saving clients some $$.  The following are three real world examples on ways my agency stepped up and saved our clients $1,000’s of dollars.

The first was claim.  I had a client who was involved in an auto accident.  Initially Farmers wasn’t going to offer any medical coverage.  Farmers had every reason to do this.  There was some communication issues between the company and client that led the client to believe it was covered.  This is when I get involved with the claims process.  99 times out of 100, our claims department does a wonderful job and I do not need to do anything.  I got a hold of the claims supervisor, worked with my local District Manager, listened to recorded phone conversations and stated our case. In the end, Farmers stepped up and did the right thing and paid $3500 for the medical expenses.  I worked with 6 people to help this client and the result was beautiful.


I have been telling people for awhile now that their premiums are credit based and their credit is weighted pretty heavily in determining what they pay.  We did a credit rerate for a client, and we saved them $1100 a year on their premium with doing nothing more than updating their credit with us. We saved them $70 a month on their auto, and over $300 a year on their home.  I didn’t reduce or change one coverage.  We just saved someone over $200 a year on their home today by doing the same thing.

I recently took over a few policies from another agent.  On their commercial account, I noticed they didn’t have a discount that they were qualified for.  We placed it on their policy and it saved them 5%.  In this case, 5% was $750 in savings. Many of these changes are uncovered when we do a review and we are very aggressive with trying to get our clients to come in.  You don’t need to come in every year, but every 2-3 is well worth your while.  When is the last time an online insurance company called a client and worked to lower their rate by using techniques like this?  When is the last time they called a client for a review?

I love doing this for my clients.  It is my job to make sure they get the most out of the $$ they spend for their insurance and work hard to make sure their coverage is proper, and they are paying the proper premium.

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