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Group health insurance. What you should really know.

The health insurance landscape over the past few years has gotten very confusing.  Ever since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare”, business owners  are scrambling to find out what they need to know.  Luckily for you I have Kelly Madison on the show.  Kelly has been offering health insurance plans for over 20 years and does an excellent job keeping up to date on what YOU need to know.

kellymadisonEmployers with over 50 employees or FTE (full time equivalent) employees, by law, have to buy health insurance or face  massive fines.  We also discuss how to go through the process of securing a group health insurance plan.

This can be a confusing topic.  If you surround yourself with the right team of professionals, you will be taken care of.  Thank you to Kelly for coming in and sharing this valuable information with us!



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