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Health insurance costs continue to rise…..

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I read an article today showing the rates in Idaho for Individual healthcare plans, are going up.  Significantly. Blue Cross is taking an average of a 23% increase and Mountain Health Co-op is taking a 26% increase.  Pacific Source on the other hand is taking an 8% decrease.  Last year, based on all of the health insurance I helped people acquire, Pacific source was about 20% higher than Blue Cross on average.  It’s impossible to know right now how everyone rates will be affected individually because the increases are “averages”.


Why is this happening?  It is simple math.  The Health Insurance companies underestimated the amount they would have to pay out in claims this year.  Blue Cross paid out $221 million dollars of claims and only collected $189 million in premium.  The only way these companies wouldn’t have to raise rates, is if you paid more for your health insurance premiums this year.  You can read the full article here:

Most Idaho Health insurance rates to rise in 2016

What I would recommend you do is a couple of things.  When you get your renewal offer from your health insurance company, “READ IT”.  It will show you what your new rates are going to be starting on January 1.  Secondly, let me help you shop your rate once open enrollment starts on 11/1.   I can help you determine the best plan for you based on coverage and price.

I help people every year, evaluate their health insurance policies and make sure they are in the proper plan.

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