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None of my Business S3:E7- Jennifer Quinn

On this episode of the show, I have brought back Jennifer Quinn, AKA JennyQ.  This is Jennifer’s third time on the show and she is my expert on all things digital media.  Digital and social media is a landscape that moves super fast and things that were working well 4 months ago, can already be obsolete.

On this episode, we spend alot of time talking about livestreaming.  This is something that has gotten huge in the past year. Many business owners can be gunshy about using it for a number of reasons.  Maybe they think it has to be perfect. Maybe it feels weird to them.  It’s possible they just don’t know the best way to go about doing it.

We discuss some of the nuts and bolts of using this medium to share stories and share important information.  I ask her which platform is best to use and how to go about using them.  The exposure a business gets from livestreaming is as much as 1200% greater than a regular post. The benefits can be exponential.

We also discuss some of the newer features on a few of the platforms such as “stories” on Instagram and Facebook.   We spend some time on one of our favorite but floundering platforms, Twitter.  All in all, this episode is loaded with good solid information on how you can get your message out to more people in fun new ways.  My thanks to Jennifer Quinn for spending some valuable time with me and helping the listeners navigate the confusing world of social media.


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