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Making sense of your Medicare options

Medicare options can be a confusing landscape to navigate.  I wanted to take the time to simplify your options so you have the ability to choose the proper plan.

In this episode I discuss what traditional medicare parts A and B are.  More importantly I discuss the two main options you have,to supplement the gaps that you have with parts A and B.  I also discuss the proper ways to make sure you have proper prescription coverage.

It is very important that you are on the plan that fits you best and it comes down to trying to project costs.  If you need more medical care, there is a plan you can buy that will provide you zero out of pocket costs.  These plans come with a higher premium.

You can choose a plan that costs significantly less. You will have some predictable co-pays in the event you need medical services.

It’s important to make sure the plan you choose, will allow you to see your physician.  Take 8 minutes and listen to the podcast and let me know how I can help.


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