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None of my Business S2:E10 Mark Hansen



I had an opportunity to sit down with Mark Hansen who owns 4 Blue Sky Bagel shops here in the Boise Area.  When I told my kids I was going to meet him, they both gasped in awe.  You see, Blue Sky Bagels have been our “thing” for over 10 years. It’s what my family does on the weekends to spend some time together.  It somehow became a wonderful part of our routine.

Mark has a great story.  Like many entrepreneurs, Mark isn’t currently doing what he went to school for.  He got into the food industry in college and never looked back. He took his experiences and eventually put himself in position to own his bagel shop(s).

We discuss his management style which I believe is something that isn’t talked about enough.  Managing people is a difficult thing and finding your style is crucial to your success. It has to work for you, and the people you manage which can be delicate.

We discuss his efforts to play a role in revitalizing downtown Meridian ID and many other things.  Thank you to Mark for all that you do. I really enjoyed our conversation.




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