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None of my Business S3:E12- Seth Brink

I had the opportunity to sit down with Seth Brink who is one of the owners of the Gyro Shack.  What a great story we have for you!  Seth and his partner Doug Miller bought the one and only Gyro Shack in town back in April of 2015.  It was owned and operated by an old school Greek gentleman who was making wonderful food and created quite a following.


Seth Brink, Gyro Shack, June 6, 2017, Photo Patrick Sweeney

While the food was great, the systems were a little behind the times.  There was some updating that needed to be done before they could consider franchising.  They both came from an franchising giant named Papa Murphy’s  and had the skills and knowledge to start bringing the Gyro Shack to scale.

Two years later, they have 7 locations and three of them are out of state.  For those who don’t know, opening 7 locations in 2 years is quite a feat.

I want to thank Seth for coming on the show and sharing his journey with us.  It is one that has only just started and we look forward to seeing where it takes him in the future.



Check out Gyro Shack here and connect with Seth as well!


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