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None of my Business S3:E3 Brandon Frank

This episode is with Brandon Frank who owns Fleet Feet in the Village here in Meridian Idaho.  He and I had a wonderful conversation recently.  Brandon has a kind presence and a warm smile that just makes you want to walk up to him and say, “What’s up man?”  Which is exactly what I did when I ran into him in at a marketing event.

Brandon is a strong marketer.  Not only does he get out there ALOT which is the most important thing, he understands that giving is more important than asking. We chat about that philosophy, what he does, and how it is working for his business.

He came into his business, I believe, more prepared than others entrepreneurs.  He held multiple leadership positions in different arenas before opening his own shop. He has long history and passion with soccer, not only as a player but as a coach.  He was the director of a youth camp for 4 years and held a leadership position when he was in college as well. All of these gave Brandon some invaluable entrepreneurial skills that has already helped him and serve him for years to come.

We also have a very important conversation about how people buy things these days.  It’s fascinating struggle that brick and mortar store owners have to dig deep give more value.  Why would I come to your store instead of buy shoes from my couch? We have a great conversation about this and all of the above.  I really hope you enjoy this episode!


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