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None of my Business S3:E4 Heath Van Patten

Welcome to episode #43 of the None of my Business podcast. I had a great conversation with Heath Van Patten who owns Nexthome Treasure Valley.  He has a rich entrepreneurial history and has run a number of businesses.  He started in sales at the young age.  He went on and earned a degree in business and a masters in exercise science and parlayed that into an early career of personal training.  He shares some success stories during that part of his life.

He went found his way up to Boise a few years back and eventually had the opportunity to own and operate Nexthome.   We talk a lot about sales.  It’s a skill that not everyone is natural at and Heath has an easy going way about him that helps make the process easier.  We discuss what it means to be a good manager and how to have a hard conversation with an employee if the need arises.

Heath also gets out there in the community a lot and it just made sense for us to touch on marketing as well.  Overall it was a rich conversation that brings a lot of value to the show.  My thanks to Heath for joining me and making time for this episode. I hope you enjoy it!


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