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None of my Business S2:E11 Carrie Uberuaga

I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Carrie Uberuaga who manages a branch for Fairway Mortgage. Carrie has a LOT of entrepreneurial experience and it has translated beautifully into her current position.


Carrie started in the mortgage business in 2005 when the mortgage business was humming.  Soon after, came the biggest financial drop in more than two generations.  Carrie took the crash in stride. Since the market dropped when she was beginning to build her business,  and the beginning of building any business is when entrepreneurs work the hardest, she didn’t have break stride.

She ran her own mortgage shop for a few years before she went over to the banking side.  After that she did some soul searching and thought long and hard about her next move. She landed at Fairway mortgage and is at home.

She has grown form 2 loan officers to 10, and has a full support staff that currently numbers 6.  We talk about what is it like managing a team of that size.  We also talk about one of my weaknesses, which is hiring.  Carrie has a very refined process that we all could learn from .

Thank you Carrie for joining me and sharing your story with me!


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