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None of my Business S3:E9 Matt Naismith

I sat down and had a wonderful conversation with Matt Naismith who owns Patriot Auto Glass here in Eagle Idaho.  Matt’s story is very interesting in a number of ways.  This company isn’t his first.  In fact, he grew a company just like it to as many as 15 employees when he lived in Phoenix.

Due to the economy, he decided to relocate his family to the Boise area and start over.  That decision right there stresses me out.  Having to shut down a once booming business and start over is a scary proposition for any business owner.   Matt shares the story of what that was like and how that decision was made.

There are pros an cons to starting over.  The experience he gained growing his first business was invaluable in starting up his second one.  He was able to take everything he learned and accelerate his growth because there was less guesswork.  The cons are, he had to make himself known in a brand new market where he knew no one.

We go on to talk about marketing and when to hire your first employee.  That decision is always a tough one because you will most likely take a hit financially in the beginning.  You also hope the employee will do what they say they will do from the interview process.

Matt and I also talk about what it is like to go up against industry giants as a one man business.  I found his attitude towards that subject very healthy.  I think you will too.

My thanks to Matt for joining me on the show and sharing his incredible story.  Please see the links below and support Matt moving forward.


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