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Simply Explaining Insurance- OEM Parts

This topic many don’t know about and many will not care about.  BUT, I have had a number of conversations in my agency over the past year revolving around this topic so it was time to chat about it.

What are OEM parts?  OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.  This is an endorsement you can add to your auto insurance policy (assuming it is offered.  Not all companies do) that will ensure that the parts put on your car while being repaired due to a covered loss, are from the company that built your car.

It ensures that your BMW will get BMW parts. Often, during the repair process after an accident, your car will get aftermarket parts put on.  This is not a bad thing.  In some cases, aftermarket parts are actually better than OEM parts.

If you have had an auto accident, odds are your car was fixed with aftermarket parts.  This helps keep the cost of insurance down.  If you want to make sure that your car gets OEM parts, call your agent and see if they can place that endorsement on your policy for an additional cost.


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