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None of my Business S3:E8 Eric Brocksome

On this episode I sit down and have a conversation with the Cheif Squatch of Vsquared Creative, Eric Brocksome.  Technically, he is the Business Development Director of a pretty amazing company here in Boise.  We cover alot of ground so get ready.

We tackle some big picture topics like culture and different personality types.  Building culture in small business is hard because one bad seed out of 7 people can ruin it.  We discuss their path to creating a really cool place to work.

We also discuss working with different personality types.  This is a challenge we will all face in our life and it all boils down to communication.  It sounds easy, it’s really not.

We move on to one of his specialties and we discuss content.  Content is a vague term in this day and age.  We discuss what content really is, why it’s so important and how often to push it out (hint, it’s more than you are doing).  We go on to discuss SEO as well which is like trying to figure out advanced nuclear-thermodynamics.  Eric gives us some great tips and helps to point us in the right direction.

I want to thank Eric for coming on the show and sharing what he knows with us .  Make sure to check him out and also Vsquared Creative in the links below:


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