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None of my Business S2:E1 Krisjan Hiner. Stack Rock Group.

Have you ever sat down with a friend, and over a few beers uttered the phrase, “We should totally do that and go into business!”  If so, you are not alone.  Thing is, 99% of those business thoughts and idea’s die before the beer is even gone.  My guest on this episode, is Krisjan Hiner and he and his partner Will followed through on their conversation and now are running a successful Landscape Architecture firm named Stack Rock Group.


I love their story.  From how it started, to working out of a spare bedroom, to understanding each others strengths and weaknesses in order to grow the business without getting in each others way.  Partnerships are hard.  Partnerships with close friends are a big risk and it is not unlike a marriage.  Everything can be bright and rosy in the beginning but people’s true colors start coming out after the honeymoon period.

We cover a lot of ground in this podcast.  Krisjan has been in the trenches in sales and marketing for over ten years.  He has done the hard work that most “marketers” aren’t willing to do.  He shares some great insight and creative strategies that you NEED to hear.

We talk about how and why his partnership is successful.  They have done a great job compartmentalizing their job duties and are truly experts at what they do inside of those duties.

We talk about how important it is to have a team of professionals with you and how to find them.  Not employees, but a team of people who will help you protect your business, and also do the things that you don’t want to have to do. I am talking about lawyers, accountant and insurance.

A big thank you to Krisjan for coming on and sharing his story.  Please check out all of the resources below!


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