Matt Dietz


My name is Matt Dietz and I have been an insurance agent since 2004.

My office in in Eagle Idaho and we are a FULL service agency which offers home, auto, life, commercial liability, workers compensation, health insurance, boats, 4X4’s, motorhomes, vacant properties and more.

In my first 12 years I have achieved Toppers Club 9 times, and Championship 5 times.  These are some of the highest honors available to and agent like me.  I have 2 full time team members to ensure we can take care of your every need.

You can find me all over the place-

PH: (208) 939-7123

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    Understanding Health Insurance

    Health insurance has gotten a little confusing and quite frustrating.  This episode is to help break down how to get a plan that is proper for you.  There are a number of ways to buy health insurance.  You can go direct through the carrier, or buy a plan through an exchange.  The exchange in Idaho […]

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    What if you could have 2 more hours in a day?

    Let me share with you one of my shortcomings.  My mind comes up with a new, brilliant, game-changing idea, every day.  OK, maybe not every day.  Every other day.  It is the implementation and follow through of these ideas that plague me.  It’s possible I have shiny object syndrome where I want something shiny, and […]

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