Matt Dietz


My name is Matt Dietz and I have been an insurance agent since 2004.

My office in in Eagle Idaho and we are a FULL service agency which offers home, auto, life, commercial liability, workers compensation, health insurance, boats, 4X4’s, motorhomes, vacant properties and more.

In my first 12 years I have achieved Toppers Club 9 times, and Championship 5 times.  These are some of the highest honors available to and agent like me.  I have 2 full time team members to ensure we can take care of your every need.

You can find me all over the place-

PH: (208) 939-7123

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    “It gave me the time to grieve”

    I sat down with a friend recently so that she could share the story of the most difficult time of her life.  Lisa lost her husband after a brutal bout of cancer.  Dan was 49 years old. Dan did a beautiful for Lisa years before.  He purchased a life insurance plan for her and it […]

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    None of my Business S3:E10 Tobe Brockner

    I had an amazing conversation with Tobe Brockner who owns VSquared Creative here in Boise.  I love talking marketing with Tobe and you will hear why.  The guy is very smart, he loves what he does, he loves the challenges that come with his job and you can hear it all in his voice. We […]

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