Matt Dietz


My name is Matt Dietz and I have been an insurance agent since 2004.

My office in in Eagle Idaho and we are a FULL service agency which offers home, auto, life, commercial liability, workers compensation, health insurance, boats, 4X4’s, motorhomes, vacant properties and more.

In my first 12 years I have achieved Toppers Club 9 times, and Championship 5 times.  These are some of the highest honors available to and agent like me.  I have 2 full time team members to ensure we can take care of your every need.

You can find me all over the place-

PH: (208) 939-7123

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    Should you buy insurance for your Pet?

        Two years ago, Elizabeth Newsom-Stewart’s cat Fawkes ate part of a lily plant leaf. Newsom-Stewart, then a veterinary student at Cornell University, immediately knew the danger he was in, and rushed him to an animal hospital. “Some lily plants are toxic to cats” she says, and may cause kidney failure. “Symptoms can take […]

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    What Dave Grohl has taught me about entrepreneurship.

    It is no secret that I am a massive Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters fan.  I have consumed everything that he has done and there have been a few things along that way that have directly translated to helping me run my business. Dave isn’t only the best rock drummer of a generation.  He’s not only the […]

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