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None of my Buisiness S3:E11- Rich Smith

I had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Rich Smith from Coldwell Banker to tell his story.  Rich started selling real estate in 2006.  You may remember that this was the dawn of the great recession.  Real estate had been booming for 4 or 5 years and it came to a screeching halt the day Rich hung his shingle.

Starting a business in a massive economic downturn, IN the industry that CAUSED the downturn, is a challenging, humbling experience.  Rich soon found himself eating Ramen twice a day, raising a new family, and asking family members for loans.

He learned a very special side of his industry known as a “short sale” and taught himself to be an expert on this complicated process.  It helped him weather the storm and survive until the market slowly began to turn.  The thing I admire about Rich, is all of his actions in his business are client centered.  You can really hear how he works to build a strong relationship with them to build trust.

People say things all the time like, “We are customer centric” or “Our customer service is the most important thing”.  You have to hear Rich explain his process to really hear what that means.

Thank you Rich for coming on and sharing your story!


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