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None of my Business S2: E5. Rocky Detwiler

I had the opportunity to sit down with Robert “Rocky” Detwiler who has quite the story to share with you.  We all have ups and downs in our lives and Rocky is no different.  Although, his highs have been higher than most and his low couldn’t have been any lower.  His story is one of redemption.

Rocky has been an entrepreneur his whole life and things were looking really good for him.  He had essentially set himself up to be financially secure by the age of 30 years old.  Rocky got involved as an investor with a close friend of his, and that is when things took an ugly turn. What Rocky didn’t know, is his friend had masterminded one of the largest Ponzi schemes in the history of Arizona.  He lost everything with no way to get it back.

Rocky found himself, jobless, homeless and hopeless.  What happened next is something we can all learn from.  He had to dig as deep as he could to pull himself out of a situation many of us wouldn’t have been able to.  He first went through an incredible physical transformation because that is what he could control.  After some internal dialogue and prayer, he discovered how powerful, positive words could be.  Positive words were the cornerstone of his personal recovery and decided to try and bring his message to the masses.

We talk about his clothing line, Samsonwear, and how wearing these words can make a difference.  He has developed something called the Samson Life Challenge.  The Samson Life Challange a 6 month program to infuse positivity, gratitude and hard work to anyone who wants to better themselves.

He just published his first book entitled “The Samson Effect, Transforming Lives with the Power of Words”.

His message is being heard.  He was on the front page of the Idaho Statesman this summer.

Here he is being interviewed on ESPN:

We talked about how the world really needs something like this right now. How the world we live in, is mired in negativity and people having the need to be right instead compromising.  I actually wrote something recently just along these lines.  How we have the ability to “choose your news” instead of being drawn into all of the negative stories that dominate mainstream media.  We talk about how using positive language and thinking positively can change the course of not just your day, but those around you.

I really enjoyed our conversation and believe that Rocky has a lot to offer people. His message couldn’t be coming at a better time.  Please see all of his resources below!


Samson Life Challenge

The Samson Effect at

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Matt’s Website

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