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None of my Business S3:E1. Jacob Nordby

I had the pleasure to sit down with my good friend Jacob Nordby to discuss his new book, “Blessesd are the Weird”.  We had a RICH conversation about many things.   We discussed how businesses can look like art.  How to handle fear which is inevitable in all parts of our lives.  Why we are working harder than ever when it seems like things should never be easier.

Please please please (yes, 3 pleases), do yourself a favor and go read his book. It is one of the best books I have read in years.  You can tell he wrote it from somewhere deep within and it is the opposite of any sales/marketing/leadership/business you will ever read.  It will help you find the soul to your business.  Thank you Jacob!


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My interview with Jacob Nordby. Why are we working so hard when we have so much at our disposal? Can business look like a piece of art? Find the soul of your business.

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