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What season are you in?

The one things I have been trying to do for my business for the last 2-3 years is  have the right team in place. If I have the right team with me at the helm, I KNOW we will kill it. We will do things that have rarely been done and have fun doing it.  I am half way there and just need one more good hire to stick and my business can be totally different.  So I think of the past few years as a hunting season.  Trying to find that perfect fit.

I believe we as people and our businesses, have seasons.  It is a nice way to try and give reason to the chaos. It has a calming effect on me too knowing that change is around the corner and it isn’t always going to be “this way”.  Sometimes this is good, and sometimes, not so good.

From a business standpoint, things are rarely static.  Clients come and go, employees come and go, products evolve, and they come and go.  Whenever we bring on a new hire in my office we say it’s the beginning of a new era!  The Jennifer era is upon us!   Sometimes those only last a few months, sometimes they become a vital part of the company and help turn it into something better.

There are sales seasons too.  I have the opportunity to offer about a dozen different insurance products and I was taught to sell what is on “sale”.  Nothing is ever literally on sale in the insurance world or the department of insurance would be rather upset about it.  It just means, focus on your most competitive product.  That product can change from season to season.

There are years my auto insurance is very competitive so we lean into that.  This year my home insurance product is very competitive, so we chase that.  I saw some home rates recently that were as low I have in seen 13 years.  I told my team to go after it.  It’s not always going to be like this.  I predicted an 18 month window where we would have this advantage.  That’s our season.  18 months.

There are seasons for us a individuals too and I try very had to pay attention to them.   I am a dedicated life long learner.  I am naturally quizzical and see the world through countless “what-if” scenarios.  I am always seeking to become a better husband, father, boss, business owner and friend.  I read a lot and try and put into play the things I learn to make mirco-improvements regularly.

When this past winter rolled in I found myself in a season of learning.  I was reading 2-3 books and listening to 2-3 audio books a month.  I was burning through highlighters and taking notes and planning on implementing new strategies soon.

This trend took me away from writing on the blog, and podcasting and creating.  It seems as though I was burned out and needed to absorb rather than create.  After a season of learning, I generally get to a point where I am tired of taking in, and ready transition into doing.

There was in important point in my career when I feel like I had done my due diligence, where I could answer 99% of the questions thrown at me, where I have graduated to “expert” level Agency owner.  I didn’t feel the need to learn anymore at that moment, but I felt a carnal need to “do”.

Once all of the studying is done, is time to rebuild systems you know are broken.  It’s time to trash archaic tasks that are wasting everyones time. It is time to stop doing the things you know you shouldn’t be doing and start doing the things you know deep down are right.

It is similar to playing an instrument.  You have to practice regularly to get better.  You have to read the music and look at your instrument and make sure your fingers are in the right place. After awhile, your hand will find the right chords without looking and you will be playing a song.  After more practice, it will feel like it’s playing itself.

Pay attention to what season it is for you and make sure you don’t stay too long. I have seen people stay in the season of learning too long and their business suffers.  It’s all a cycle and you have to find your way back to the season of “Do”.  What season are you in?


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